Corporate Members

  • NEW: 1-month free trial for new users.
  • Savings in recruiting, training, filling minimum requirements, HIPPA, quality assurance and professionally developing contracted interpreters (an estimated cost of at least $2500 a month).
  • Access to members’ only online benefits.
  • Discounted registration to attend conference and job fair.
  • Access to list of new interpreters (250 approx. per year)
  • Visibility to hospitals/health care providers
  • Visibility to interpreters looking for work
  • Decrease in complaint for bad service, contract retention.
  • Benefit from advocacy work and fundraising activities we do.
  • Participation in the HUB as a marketing tool. Exposure.

You’ll be able to search OHCIA’s registry by language, state, specialization or by the member's last name, if available. All members that appear on the registry are individuals that comply with all the requirements established by Oregon Healthcare Interpreter Association. However, all information presented is self-reported and needs to be verified. OHCIA makes no claim as to the qualifications of any individual interpreter.

Do you have any question and/or suggestion to improve this registry? Please feel free to send us an email to